Inventory Management

- Provide a streamlined process for controlling the flow and maintenance of inventory. - Reliable data intelligence. - Automated Ordering and Reporting. - Reduce Stock outs and more.

Industrial Vending

- Customized vending devices. - Dispense boxes, PPE packages and more! - Automated Inventory Tracking system capabilities for cutting tools, fasteners, shop supplies and PPE. - Increased Productivity and Cost Reduction.

Process and Operation Improvement

- Manage what products employees access. - Dispense correct package quantity eliminating waste. - Improving process integrity, by insuring the correct tool for the job. - Set product consumption limits by employee, shift or job.

E-Commerce Solution - Simplify your purchasing life with the DGI Supply's PunchOut catalog. - Custom Web Shop solution features custom catalogs and on-line web stores based on your frequently used items.

DGI Supply Technical Solution Services - Provide expertise on a wide variety of application issues. - Process and Programming Improvements. - Full Tool Selection. - Provide Turn-key solutions that are guaranteed to work!

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