OSG A-Brand

ADO-SUS Advanced Performance Coolant-Through Carbide Drills

Why Use A Brand® ADO-SUS? e Solution to your Stainless Steel and Titanium Troubles

OSG’s A Brand® ADO-SUS has specifically addressed many common issues that occur when machining stainless steels and titanium alloys such as work hardening, elongated chips, low thermal conductivity and welding on the tool. With a patent pending cutting edge, new flute geometry, WXL® coating and the newly designed Mega Cooler™ coolant hole, the ADO-SUS has a solution for all of your stainless steel and titanium troubles.

Mega Cooler ™ Coolant Hole Exceptional Coolant Delivery

Improved coolant delivery at the cutting edge suppresses heat buildup and improves chip evacuation, thereby increasing tool life and enabling faster drilling speeds. The Mega Cooler™ coolant hole is only available on sizes 6mm and over.

(m/s) Coolant flow velocity





Analysis of coolant flow with spindle speed of 2,200 RPM

New Flute Geometry Producing Manageable Chips

The A Brand® ADO-SUS features a cutting geometry specifically designed for producing compact cutting chips.





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