OSG A-Brand

ADO Advanced Performance Coolant-Through Carbide Drills

EgiAs Coating for exceptional wear resistance and toughness.

Wide Flute Room facilitates stable chip evacuation.

Two Point Forms Based on Length Wavy Point Form (3D-8D) or Straight Point Form (10D-30D)

Wavy point form improves the sharpness of the cutting edge at various areas where the cutting force fluctuates with the cutting speed, thereby achieving low thrust, stable torque, and longer tool life.

Straight point form offers superior point strength with low cutting forces for long drills even with long overhang length.

Middle Margin Design 8D & Up More Stability than Conventional Double Margin Designs Unlike the conventional double margin, the second margin has been placed in the center of the peripheral land. This has shortened the time from the start of engagement to the four-point restraint by the double margin. Furthermore, it has improved stability during intermittent cutting such as cross-drilling or when penetrating an angled surface. Coating Exceptional Wear Resistance & Toughness Constructed with extreme toughness, high wear and heat resistance characteristics that ensures stable and consistent tool life. Suppresses friction with the wear resistance layer; prevents breakage with the nano periodical layer.

Conventional Double Margin Design

Middle Margin Design

Coating Structure

Wear-Resistant Layer

Nano Periodical Layer

Oxidation Temperature (C)

Coating Color

Coating Structure

Hardness (Hv)

Heat Resistance

Adhesion Strength

Wear Resistance

Welding Resistance Toughness

Periodic Nano- layer and wear resistance layer

Iridescent Color





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