OSG A-Brand

ADO-TRS Features & Benefits

Coolant-Through for reduced heat and improved chip evacuation.

3 Flute Design for reduced vibration and stable drilling.

3-Flutes vs 2-Flutes 3 Advantages of a 3-Flute Design

High Feed Rate: OSG’s ADO-TRS drills have a specially shaped flute (PAT.P.) that breaks steel chips into small, manageable pieces for easy evacuation. This allows for increased feed rates up to 1.5 to 2 times faster than 2-fluted drills. High Precision: The 120° equal spacing margins of the 3-flute design allows for more stable, vibration-free hole processing, thereby increasing hole quality and tolerance. Reduced Work Hardening: The amount of work hardening and depth of work hardening have a tendency to be proportional to the feed per revolution. When compared to conventional 2-flute drills with the same feed per revolution, the 3-flute design has proven to decrease work hardening.



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