Sandvik Coromant Rotating Indexable Promotion 2023

Shoulder Milling Tools Find the shoulder milling tools or edging tools you need here. Our comprehensive assortment of CoroMill® shoulder milling cutters provide top-quality performance and reliability.

CoroMill® 331 CoroMill® 390 CoroMill® 490 CoroMill® 690

CoroMill® 790

T -Max®


Groove Milling Tools Looking for a broad range of tools for groove milling of top-quality components? You will find the right tool for your needs here.

CoroMill® 331 CoroMill® 329 CoroMill® QD CoroMill® 328

Thread Milling Tools Sandvik Coromant offers a variety of threading tools suited to different components, thread profiles and pitches, for both external and internal threads. For productive, high-quality threading, you’ve come to the right place.

CoroMill® 325 CoroMill® 327

CoroMill® 328

Chamfer Milling Tools Whatever your chamfering needs – chamfers, V-cuts, undercuts, and preparation for welding – we have the right tool for you.

CoroMill® 495


Whether you need long, predictable performance when milling steel, or a sharp PCD-tipped grade for finishing in aluminium, scan the QR code to find your milling insert grades! Milling Inserts and Grades

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